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For 7 years already, Hidria has been successfully developing in Hungary

Hungary, one of the most important centres of the European automotive industry, has been an important economic partner for Hidria for a number of years. In Gyöngyös, Hidria Bausch Kft has been a successful part of the corporation for seven years. For the global automotive and home appliance industries, it is manufacturing essential components of high-performance electric motors, which became an indispensable part of modern vehicles and appliances, without which the life as we know it would not exist. That is why Hidria is determined to continue investing in the development of Hungarian operations, to create new jobs and thus to strengthen its business.

Hidria Bausch Kft became part of Hidria in 2010, when the corporation took over the German group Dr. Bausch in Stuttgart. Today, Hidria Bausch employs 270 innovative, enthusiastic and competent employees (50 in Hungary and 220 in Germany). Through this takeover Hidria won the two new strategic production plants in Germany (Hidria Bausch GmbH) and Hungary (Hidria Bausch Kft), which produce rotors and stators as indispensable components of modern electric motors. Both countries are regarded as European centres of the automotive industry, bringing Hidria even closer to its business partners and customers. The corporation enjoys trust because of its successful business and its innovative and breakthrough solutions, which move the limits of technological progress and the punctuality of delivery.

In addition to all European automobile giants, Hidria’s loyal customers also include names from the world of household appliances, e.g. Bosch, LG and BSH.  Innovative solutions are provided to them by Hidria’s Hungarian company as one of the few Slovenian companies in the eastern neighbour country with its own production facilities. The German part of Hidria in Stuttgart cooperates with the company Daimler / Mercedes, with whom they co-develop their new electric drives. The corporation develops for them and also supplies parts of the steering wheel system for the new Mercedes E-class.

Hungary remains one of the strategic countries for Hidria, because some of the largest automotive manufacturers, such as Audi, Mercedes, Opel and Suzuki, have their plants there, and the corporation is determined to strengthen the Hungarian production plant in the future as well. In the next five years, thus the corporation will invest EUR 3 million in its own funds and double its sales. The increased scope of work will also create new jobs. By 2021, Hidria Bausch Kft in Gyöngyös in East Hungary will employ 70 people, who will, with their knowledge and excellence, continue Hidria's successful path of development and manufacturing of ground-breaking automotive and industrial technologies.