Fuel and intake air heaters

In internal combustion diesel engines, fuel and intake air heaters are vital parts of the cold start system. They help the engine run better and start more efficiently in the colder months and ensure a stable performance and lower emissions.

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The following technologies are used to produce the heaters:

  • automated assembly and testing,
  • automatic assembly/placement of circuits,
  • selective soldering,
  • “press fit”,
  • filling,
  • ultrasound welding and bonding,
  • bending,
  • welding,
  • leakage testing, and
  • laser marking.


Fuel heaters

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In diesel engines, fuel heaters are a key part of the diesel fuel heating system before the fuel enters the engine filter with additional sensors, such as the water probe, temperature sensors, etc.

In the cooler months of the year, the oil heater prevents paraffin from being released from the oil and the consequent damaging and clogging of the filter. The innovative technology complies with the strict ecological requirements imposed on car manufacturers as part of global efforts to protect the environment and reduce harmful emissions.

Areas of product application

Our intake air heaters are used as diesel fuel filtration systems in the engines of cars, tractors, trucks, buses and heavy construction machinery.

Intake air heaters

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Intake air heaters are a key element of cold start systems for diesel engines that have a higher engine capacity. They are mounted next to the intake air collector and are intended to pre-heat and efficiently start the engine, ensure its stability and reduce emissions that are harmful to health and the environment.

Areas of product application

Intake air heaters are used in cold start systems for the diesel engines of cargo vehicles, agricultural machines and construction machinery.