Welded frames

We are one of the leading developers and manufacturers of high-tech and aesthetically perfect frames and other technologically and technically complex welded parts for motorcycles. With our know-how, competencies, top design and cutting-edge technologies, together with our partners we create products that provide the best possible safety and pleasure for the user.

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Welding simulations help us to significantly shorten the time needed to produce the frames. We provide comprehensive support for our clients for the entire frame production phase, from product development to its pre-assembly and preparation for delivery to motorcycle production lines. We protect all frames with cataphoresis or powder coating.


Powder coated parts

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All of our products, such as steel and aluminium frame and other motorcycle parts, are machined and powder coated. This protects the products from rust and other natural and mechanical damage so as to prolong their lifespan. The use of different colours gives the products an aesthetic touch that plays a very important role in the motorcycle design.

Areas of product application

Our many years of experience with powder coating technology has over the years won us the trust of the biggest global manufacturers of cars and motorcycles. The products coated with our technology are used in the automotive, motorcycle and nautical industries and the industry of agricultural and construction machinery.

Steel and aluminium welded frames

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Our frames consist of round or flat construction and highly alloyed steel or aluminium pipes. The pipe layout and innovative welding technology make these frames light and extremely strong. This gives motorcycles excellent driving characteristics, agility, stability and safety.

We produce front, main and rear motorcycle frames. We can supply motorcycle producers with seat brackets, licence plate holders, motorcycle racks and other indispensable parts of modern two-wheelers.

Areas of product application

Our over 50-year tradition of making two-wheeler frames and consistently investing in know-how, research, development and new technologies mean that our steel and aluminium frames and other key components are used by the largest European motorcycle producers in their state-of-the-art two-wheelers.