Aluminium parts for steering and powertrain systems

With the big manufacturers of vehicles and their suppliers we are developing advanced steering systems and powertrains for vehicles with electric and hybrid drive systems and internal combustion engines.

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Water pumps

All our parts for steering and powertrain systems are made from light aluminium alloys. This reduces the weight of vehicles, which then consume less fuel and create less pollution.

With our own development, construction and tool manufacturing and the combination of various technologies and processes to produce high-quality innovative solutions, we increase the added value of final products.

We co-develop high-quality aluminium parts for which we design and produce our own tools. 


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We are a responsible and competitive partner with years of experience in high-pressure die casting of aluminium. We master the entire production process, from melting, high-pressure die casting, sand blasting through to mechanical and surface treatment, washing, a series of 3D and other control measurements, tightness and other specific requirements of individual automotive producers.


The key factors in the aluminium die-casting process are reliable high-quality tools. Our own production of die-casting tools, supported by Hidria’s Tool Components Competence Centre, brings us competitive advantages that are vital for meeting our customers’ technical and quality requirements.

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Steering mechanisms that control every third premium car in Europe

Our steering mechanisms made of light aluminium alloys ensure safe, comfortable and efficient driving.


Parts for steering systems

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Parts for aluminium steering columns are produced with premium die-casting equipment and years of experience with high-pressure die casting of aluminium. They give vehicles a superior performance, reduce noise levels in the driver's cab, and make vehicles weigh less.

Vertical and horizontal steering rack housings are the key element of modern steering systems. In this way, we also ensure safe and efficient steering in the personal vehicles of the main global producers.

Parts for hydraulic steering pumps are used in state-of-the-art car steering systems. Because they operate under high pressure, their reliability and high-precision production are an advantage.

Areas of product application

Our parts for steering columns, steering rack housings and hydraulic pumps are a vital part of the automotive brands of several leading manufacturers around the world.

Column steering system parts along with some others constitute a steering system mechanism in every modern car.

We produce both vertical and horizontal parts for steering rack housings. As these are treated as car safety assemblies, the production is especially complex due to the high standards. 

As a producer of key parts for hydraulic pumps, we are a partner of many years to all of the globally most important makers of personal vehicles.

Parts for water pumps

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We design and produce aluminium parts for water pumps and the related electronics housings for a variety of vehicles. Since these products come in contact with electronics and water, they are extremely complex and specific for the production, including due to the extremely high demands concerning purity.

Areas of product application

Water pumps are used to improve the cooling of various functions in vehicles.

Parts for hybrid and electric drives

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For several years, our research and development activities have been strongly linked with providing solutions for hybrid vehicles of the future. With years of experience and know-how in the development of parts for drive internal combustion engines, we offer our customers the best and innovative solutions also with respect to green mobility of the future.

Areas of product application

The parts are used in various brands of hybrid vehicles.

Engine parts

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Parts for internal combustion engine excel with the high-quality production that is required by modern car engines. As they are made of aluminium, they reduce the vehicle weight, the fuel consumption and thus also the emissions of substances harmful to health and the environment.

Cylinder head covers ensure the vehicles operate smoothly. They protect the valves in the engine head from dirt and prevent oil leaks.

In producing them, we pay special attention to our clients’ requirements concerning high quality and technical details.

Areas of product application

Due to their high quality and performance, our aluminium combustion engine parts are used in the drive systems of all major global automotive brands.

The visually perfect cylinder head covers form a constituent part of the head of the internal combustion engine. They are used by the globally most important vehicle manufacturers which have been trusting us to develop the most complex products and solutions based on our experience, innovativeness and know-how.