Vision and values

We have the vision

We are a leading provider of customised innovative solutions for selected Automotive and Industrial applications using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

We know the way

By creating an inspiring environment, developing employees’ competencies and living the Hidria Leadership System, we are a reliable development partner that responsibly creates value and builds long-term relationships.

Our values

Together, we are building a corporate culture based on responsibility, respect, innovation and excellence. We respect tradition and work with future generations in mind. Similarly, we value knowledge, competence and cooperation. We provide opportunities for the professional and personal development of our employees, and encourage originality, resourcefulness, innovation and creativity among both individuals and teams.

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Responsibility and respect

We act responsibly towards our employees. We strive to provide an environment characterised by mutual trust, good relations and respect, while ensuring our employees’ professional and personal development. By reducing the risk of workplace-related injuries and health issues, we provide a safe and healthy work environment. We help motivate employees by setting clear goals and offering flexible remuneration schemes.

We act responsibly towards customers and end users. We are a reliable, transparent and trustworthy business partner. We understand, respect and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Together, we develop innovative solutions that provide for a better quality of life and increase the safety and well-being of our users.

We act responsibly towards our suppliers. We build partnerships with our suppliers and share, in practice, our business philosophy with them. We work continuously to improve quality and our shared competitiveness. 

We act responsibly towards local communities. Our fundamental responsibility is to provide quality, long-term jobs. With the volunteer work of Hidria employees in various spheres of public life, and by supporting young musicians, athletes and institutions, we are active in helping to develop local environments.

We act responsibly towards the environment. We are looking for innovative solutions that ensure energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Our operations are transparent. We operate according to international environmental standards and meet all legal and other requirements.

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Knowledge and competence

We respect knowledge and competence. We enable our employees’ professional and personal development and encourage teamwork. We continuously improve our employees’ expertise by way of internal and external trainings, encouraging studies, and scholarships. We share know-how and experience among ourselves, with our business partners and with younger generations.

Our employees possess a high level of expertise which they acquire in regular training. Our employees acquire knowledge at large international trade fairs, professional conferences and congresses. Hidria supports undergraduate and post-graduate off-the-job studies. Hidria’s specialist experts share their first-hand experience with their colleagues, students, junior researchers and business partners.

We regularly work together with Slovenian and foreign universities, institutes, and secondary and primary schools. We are also an active partner in the Career Club primary school project.

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We are future-oriented. We appreciate and reward originality and creativity. As a pre-development supplier of cutting-edge systems for automotive and industrial technologies, we are always looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions that play a role in sustainable development. We create solutions containing a large share of integrated know-how. We regularly monitor and reward the originality and creativity of our employees.

With Hidria’s Innovative Centre, we develop innovate solutions for the sustainable development of the environment. The Centre brings together Hidria institutes, technology centres and incubators to develop new programmes.

Our innovations are shifting the limits of progress. In 2012/2013, the EBA named Hidria the Most Innovative Corporation in Europe. In 2016, CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, awarded us with the First Award for Europe’s Best Eco Innovation in the automotive supply industry.

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We are committed to excellence. We create excellent products, driven by our desire to offer our partners solutions that are one step ahead of the competitors. We consistently monitor the efficiency and success of all business processes, and work to ensure their steady improvement. Our efforts to bring about excellence at all levels of business are linked by the HLS – Hidria Leadership System.

We value neatness and precision. We have received many awards in all areas of operations – for zero-fault supply, business excellence, product excellence, communication excellence, and for the best maintained industrial premises at both the local and national levels.