Automotive technologies

Our solutions for the automotive industry are used by all leading manufacturers of vehicles and original equipment. When developing products of modern automotive technologies, we focus on hybrid and electric drives, steering mechanisms, starting systems for diesel engines, fuel and intake air heaters, sensors, and automation. The solutions are designed to give the greatest efficiency at the lowest possible amounts of harmful emissions.


  • up to 30% reduced consumption

    The Hidria Optymus PSG engine cold start system, which was given an award for Green Innovation of the Year, is built into every third modern diesel car.

  • 1/3 cars with our steering system parts

    Our steering system parts for safe, comfortable and efficient driving are co-steering every third premium car in Europe.

  • in 30% of electric and hybrid cars

    Our laminations for electric motors provide solutions for 30% of manufactured electric or hybrid vehicles.

Products and solutions

Best supplier for the PSA Peugeot Citroen Opel Group

For the second year in a row, PSA Peugeot Citroen Opel awarded us the best supplier award »PSA Best Plant 2018«. The award was given to the high-tech plant in Tolmin where we develop and manufacture premium diesel engine cold start systems.

This French multinational corporation, one of the world's largest car manufacturers, grants this award to those suppliers that deliver the best quality.

New Audis A6 and A7 with innovative diesel and hybrid technology from Hidria

The new soft-hybrid four-cylinder diesel engine built into the models Audi A6 and Audi A7 is more energy-saving and cleaner due to Hidria’s outstanding technology. This means modern diesel vehicles consume much less fuel and emit fewer gases harmful to health and the environment. The new Audi diesel engine – the first with four cylinders to be used by this prestigious manufacturer in their five-door coupés –also includes Hidria’s breakthrough diesel engine cold start system with the Optymus PSG pressure sensor.

More than 100 modern robots on Hidria’s automated production lines or machines

We are introducing several novelties and improvements in robotics. The best innovation in 2018 in our company was developed by Janez Fajdiga, an expert employee in technology. His unique solution improved and optimised how the robots in the die casting cell function so they can communicate with each other. This improved the work process and product quality.