Electric motors and drives

We produce two families of induction AC electric motors for various applications. We also develop EC electronically commuted motor drives that are the latest technological solution in the electric motor market. Our experience based on almost 50 years of producing electric motors provides a strong foundation for innovation.

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The electric motor programme consists of two families of induction motors. One-phase induction electric motors in 2- or 4-pole electric versions with up to 1 kW in power. To ensure the efficient starting of these motors, a capacitor must be included in the circuit of the motor; these motors are thus also called capacitor motors.

In case of need, for capacitor motors to operate with a variable operation speed (variable speed drive, VSD) the speed regulation function is achieved by a specially developed independent electronic drive – inverter. 

The second family of electric motors consists of 2- and 4-pole, 3-phase induction motors of three size ranges with nominal capacities of 5.5 kW up to 37 kW.

These motors have been developed for the target application of semi-hermetic compressors and are therefore also called hermetic motors. In this case too, we can ensure the VSD operation of motors with an additional electronic inverter.

As the physical bases of the function of induction motors do not allow any further improvement in the energy efficiency of capacitor electric motors, these are being replaced by new innovative, permanent-magnet electronically commuted drives. For the same reason, buyers of hermetical motors who are open to innovation have started using the new design of the hybrid induction-permanent magnet motor LSPM (Line Start Permanent Magnet).

All electric motors are designed in line with the requirements of the target customers; their safety is confirmed by independent certification institutions (SIQ, UL, CSA, ETL, etc.)


The high-quality production of components and final products – capacitor and hermetical motors requires the internal control of technological processes of lamination packaging into stator and rotor stacks, winding and impregnation of windings, machining of individual components and testing the suitability of the dimensions of all the elements listed. The automated component assembly into the final product – an electric motor before packaging – also includes the 100% final testing of the properties of electric motors and electric and mechanical properties.

For electric motor drives produced using the EC technology, the listed procedures are supplemented by more complex technological procedures of assembly and magnetising of permanent magnets, the installation of electronic drives – inverters and their programming to achieve compliance with the selected application’s requirements.


Capacitor motors

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The flexible design of capacitor motor housings and the available VSD electric motor drives allow a wide range of applications.

From the aspect of the environmental conditions of operating, capacitor motors are intended to operate at higher ambient temperatures. The motor materials used allow permanent operation up to the threshold values of temperature class F (155°C). 

Considering the expected impact of the environment (dust/water), motor constructions with various IP protection levels are available – from open constructions consisting solely of basic motor elements, such as the stator and the rotor, up to closed systems where the stator and rotor assembly of the motor are installed in steel or aluminium housing.

An integrated power cable or terminal box is used to connect the motor to the electrical network. In line with the target application’s requirements, capacitor motors are supplemented with capacitors, cooling fans, plastic or steel brackets, pulleys, etc.

Areas of product application

AC electric motor drives are used in various end applications, such as pumps, oil burners, office equipment, industrial devices, grinding machines, medical pumps, fans, hydraulic aggregates of automatic doors, etc.

EC Motors and Drives

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Our EC permanent magnet motor drives our offer of the optimal combination of the maximum efficiency with a variable drive. Using the FOC technology (Field Oriented Control), Hidria’s EC drives allow for a soft start, low noise levels and high energy efficiency within a wide range of speeds.

Electronic drives allow the speed and direction of rotation to be set, along with the parameters for acceleration and deceleration, and report the operation of the entire drive’s correctness status to the user. In the case of extreme working temperatures, the electronic drives can be equipped with additional forced-cooling elements.

Areas of product application

EC motor drives are used in various final products, such as pumps, oil burners, gas burners and household hot water boilers, office machines, industrial devices, grinding machines, medical pumps, fans, hydraulic aggregates of automatic doors, etc.

Motors for semi-hermetic compressors

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These are a special variety of induction motors intended to be installed to drive semi-hermetic piston compressors. Their carefully selected materials and precise manufacturing mean they achieve high energy efficiency despite their traditional design. In the case of needing the top-level energy efficiency of compressor motors a hybrid version is available too (Line Start Permanent Magnet) in the hermetic motors.

A LSPM hermetic motor (Line Start Permanent Magnet Motor) is a hybrid combination of an induction and a synchronous motor with permanent magnets.

This combination allows the motor a soft start that is characteristic of an induction motor, and a high efficiency ensured by the permanently magnetic rotor of the motor.

The patented construction of the LSPM rotor allows for simple installation, maintenance and removal at the end of the life cycle of the compressor or motor. LSPM motors are the ideal solution for compressors where natural gases, such as NH3 or CO2, are used as the medium.

Areas of product application

Semi-hermetic motors are used in semi-hermetic compressors. These are used in various cooling units, such as cooling sets, cooling chambers and refrigerated display cabinets for drinks, etc.