Industrial technologies

We are a development provider of cutting-edge systems for industrial technology and electrical engineering. Our close client cooperation and our own development and production of automated production lines are the key to achieving quality, reducing costs and increasing the competitiveness of our clients.


  • Specialised know-how and experience

    Pressure sensors with integrated electronics ensure the significant optimisation of polymer injection moulding processes.

  • Industry 4.0

    Using our own production and development of automation devices and systems, we follow the guidelines of Industry 4.0. 

  • Innovation for quality

    Axial and centrifugal fans are characterised by extremely low noise levels and high energy savings.

Development of fans for ultimate living comfort

Our newly-developed fans achieve extremely high energy efficiency and low sound power emissions. Owing to the control method and possibility of measuring the flow rate, they can be simply adjusted to what is needed, further adding to energy savings. The share of easy-to-recycle materials is large. The robust design in combination with selected materials enables a long product life.

Our new EC centrifugal fans are found in air-conditioning devices, ventilation units for ventilating and cooling data centres, and heat pumps.

Pressure sensor to control the injection moulding of plastic materials

Our newest business unit, Hidria Advancetec, which works on the basic development of new products for the future, is in the final stages of developing pressure sensors to control the injection moulding of plastic polymers.

The system we have developed is a very competitive alternative to the conventional already known system for controlling the process of parameters in moulds. Its characteristics are electronics integrated into the sensor itself and the already developed and tested base algorithms and high-tech production process that has been already successfully marketed by Hidria in the area of plugs with a pressure sensor in the automotive industry.

Automation brings many advantages

Our own development and production of automated production lines are crucial for Hidria in being able to meet clients’ requirements concerning constant quality improvements, lower costs and thereby increased competitiveness. Therefore, the constructors of units from the Industrial Automation Competence Centre often work together with them already in the stage of designing final products and contributing innovative proposals for how to construct individual products to make them suitable for production in robotised and automated processes.