Centrifugal Fans

Our new line of electronically commuted (EC) centrifugal fans supplements and expands the range of innovative and technologically perfect fans that are based on a permanent-magnet electric motor architecture with integrated electronic drives.

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The main advantages of EC centrifugal fans are their compactness, low noise levels and high energy efficiency. Their design makes them simple to install and extremely powerful.

The three available families of electronically commuted (EC) motor drives with integrated electronic drives – inverters with nominal capacities of up to 3,3 kW – allow the best combination of centrifugal fans of different sizes and capacities. The attached electronic drives perform the tasks of electronic motor commutation and at the same time enable connectivity and control of fans through various applications.

Motors with external rotors are construction-wise adapted to the direct installation of fan wheels, ensuring a higher level of compactness and operation without service maintenance, as is characteristic of fans with belt drives. The mounting brackets and carefully constructed corrosion-resistant entry nozzles allow the optimum air flow.

Fan models with fan wheel diameters ranging from 250 mm to 630 mm are available.


More complex production processes are used to produce fans with integrated electronic drives than in the case of AC technology fans. All production processes for the electronics as well as its programming, testing and installation, are performed in a clean room in which the ESD safety standards are observed.

The innovative design of the EC fan’s entire assembly allows considerable flexibility while assembling various models and versions of fans, regardless of the number of products in a batch. In addition, for each EC fan full traceability is provided of data on the origin and quality of the key installed components, software settings, drive electronics, the level of mechanical balancing and data about the 100% final control.

Areas of product application

Due to their high performance and low noise levels, the EC centrifugal fans are suitable for use in different air conditioning, heating and cooling units, ranging from residential heat pumps, roof fans, heat recuperators to central air conditioning systems in industrial and other public buildings.