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Hidria offers opportunities to engaged, innovative, competent and positive people wishing to help create Hidria's story in the company of leading manufacturers in the areas of automotive and industrial technologies. We know the success of any company is the success of the people who work for it.

5 reasons our employees like working for Hidria

We are proud of ourselves.

Our teams consist of competent and engaged colleagues and together we create cutting-edge solutions for automotive and industrial technologies. We are proud of developing and creating innovative solutions to provide a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for our customers. We are one of the leading global producers of diesel engine cold start systems that significantly reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Our products are used in leading automotive brands where we are present even in the newest hybrid and electric drives of vehicles. We consistently upgrade our achievements. This creates a spirit of positive creativity among all the employees, making work at Hidria a pleasant experience.

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We invest in all our employees.

Employees have long-term career development opportunities. We help new employees integrate into the work process more easily and successfully with our internal mentorship system. We meet at strategic, informative and work meetings and individual annual and development interviews. We also think about the future: all employees can join the voluntary additional pension insurance with premium co-financing – one-half of the premium is paid by the employer.


We appreciate knowledge. So, we upgrade it constantly.

By means of internal and external trainings, we consistently invest in increasing the expertise and competencies of our employees. We allow our employees to study off-the-job or join other training and education. Our specialised experts relay their experience to colleagues, students, young researchers and business partners. We also acquire knowledge at large international fairs, professional consultations and congresses. We connect with different educational institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

Employee development Work with young people


We communicate and socialise a lot.

Hidria Veliko komuniciramo in se druzimo

We pay special attention to internal notifying and communication. We use modern communication tools, the internal newspaper Modri planet and the Hidria magazine. But we most prefer personal contact. We are a large family and like to socialise at sports, family, cultural and social events.


We act responsibly towards our fellow humans and the environment.

We employees are aware of our responsibilities and are jointly building a corporate culture based on responsibility, respect, innovation and excellence. We wish our products and activities to contribute to sustainable development and to not burden the environment.

Our values

Opportunities for young people

Technical jobs are interesting with good prospects but are often pushed to one side in the education process. We are thus developing new approaches to trigger interest in them already at primary school level. Young people get to know the activities of Hidria through various projects and can better understand the opportunities a technical education brings.

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