Hidria’s research and development activities focus on various electronic controls for cold start systems for diesel engines or on electronic controls that act independently in other applications. Flywheel magnetos for petrol engines with a capacity of up to 500 ccm are intended for driving the engines of two-wheelers, snowmobiles, etc.

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To produce the electronics for solid-state controllers, we use automatic placement of electronic components, reflow and selective soldering, ultrasound welding, atmospheric and vacuum filling with filling resins, bonding, automatic optical control and in-circuit testing.

To produce flywheel magnetos, we use the following technologies: winding, plastic overmoulding, deep drawing, hot forging, CNC machining/mechanic processing, magnetising, balancing, labelling, soldering and punching.



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Our electronics are integrated into so-called solid-state controllers. These provide controls for vehicles and thus the smooth operation of the starting, glow plugs and intake air heaters and the actuators for internal combustion engines.

Areas of product application

Solid state controllers relying on our electronics are used for the smooth operation of engines in light and heavy construction vehicles and machinery that operates in the toughest of weather and working conditions.

Flywheel magnetos

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Flywheel magnetos are part of the engine starting systems. They consist of a stator, rotor, ignition coil and ignition electronics and are used to start chainsaws and motorcycles of various brands.

Areas of product application

Our flywheel magnetos are integrated into products such as chainsaws, two-wheelers and specialised trial and enduro motorcycles of various globally renowned brands.