Pressure sensors

Sensors are a vital element for ensuring the optimal operation of devices and for optimising processes in key industrial branches which include the processing of polymer materials. To fulfil the requirements of this industry, we developed a pressure sensor that is installed in the mould cavity and ensures precise measurement of the pressure directly in the mould. Our know-how and technologies in the area of sensor systems are based on the development and production of pressure sensors for the cold start of diesel engines.


To produce the sensor, we use laser welding, SMD placement and bonding as well as the latest automated assembly machines. The entire process runs in a clean room with ESD protection.


Pressure sensors with integrated electronics to control the polymer injection moulding process

Hidria Senzor tlaka za nadzor procesa brizganja

The pressure sensor integrated into the plastics processing mould is the key element for ensuring the quality of the process and the products. The pressure sensor allows insight into the form part of the mould, and this allows the process parameters to be optimised, contributes to high quality, reduces energy consumption due to less scrap, and prepares the injection moulding process for Industry 4.0.

Areas of product application

The easy use of the pressure sensor with integrated electronics, the market-competitive solution and the simple installation all allow the sensor to be widely used. Among others, they are used in moulds for processing thermoplastics and demanding technical materials used in medicine and the automotive industry.