Glow plugs with pressure sensors

Our glow plugs with pressure sensors are part of the innovative Hidria Optymus PSG system for the cold start of diesel engines. This system can reduce consumption and emissions by up to 30% and is used by the largest global vehicle manufacturers.

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This is a glow plug which is upgraded with a special sensor to measure the pressure in the combustion space of the cylinders of diesel engines. The sensor is mounted around the heating element of the glow plug. Its construction enables extremely precise measurement in real time during combustion of the fuel.

The electronics integrated into the product filters amplifies and relays information about the pressure in the combustion chamber directly to the engine computer. The information about the engine pressure enables closed-loop control over the combustion that can lead to 30% less fuel consumption and harmful emissions.


We developed our own automated production line to manufacture the diesel engine cold start system with a pressure sensor. Here we use various highly advanced technologies that are the outcome of our innovative know-how and experience. These are, for example, automated assembly, machine vision, laser welding, electric resistance welding and laser cutting, but also cold forming of metals, automatic placement of electronic components, reflow soldering, selective soldering, automatic optical control, in-circuit testing, atmospheric and vacuum filling with filling resins, calibration with high-pressure impulses, calibration using correlation and data mining.

Areas of product application

Our system for the cold start of diesel engines with a pressure sensor is used in most personal and light cargo vehicles with advanced diesel engines.

Hidria Optymus PSG – Green Innovation 2016

The Hidria Optymus PSG engine cold start system, which was given an award for Green Innovation of the Year, is built into every third modern diesel car. This innovation enables a decrease in fuel consumption of up to 30%.