We are a leading industrial reference company in sustainable development, striving towards zero negative environmental effects in our operations as throughout the supply chain. We sincerely act to improve the lives of our employees and the wider community. With such practices we create positive economic effects and market differentiation in the long term.

  • Life Hidaqua 

    EU project Life Hidaqua addresses fully treatment of industrial waste water, saving thousands of m3 of drinking water, using alternate underground water source and produce tons of construction composites as side products.

  • High-tech e-mobility center

    Hidria’s new high-tech e-mobility center will use 30% less energy for compressed air, save 7.000 m3 water annually, generate 3,5 GWh of savings on heating electricity annually due to using residual internal heat and will gain 0,5 MWh of solar power.

  • Involvement in research

    Hidria initiated and further supports research at University in Ljubljana that addresses the moderating role of digitalization and employee competences in the process of defining and executing business strategies to achieve sustainability goals in companies.


We defined our sustainability strategy, setting up goals to 2030 on the fields on environment, safety and health, sustainable supply chain, energy efficiency and social responsibility. With clear strategy we aim for an active role in regional and wider environment, with clear steps defined toward further CO2 emissions reductions, purchasing of recycled materials, adding green electricity into our portfolio, investing into green production technologies, defining tens of social responsibility and energy efficiency projects, addressing suppliers with sustainability topics and more.


We act according to international environmental standards, improve water management, eliminate hazardous materials, influence on supply chain with circular packaging, and monitor dozens of environmental parameters in real time. We’ve committed ourselves publicly on SBTi. We report our parameters to CDP and Ecovadis.


As proud holder of “socially responsible employer certificate” we sincerely develop our employees, offer them healthy and inclusive working environment, promotions and rewarding, invest heavily into healthy and safe working conditions.

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Social responsibility

We maintain strong collaboration with academic and healthcare institutions and other national non-profit organizations. Hidria traditionally supports perspective individuals and organizations. We carry out dozens of socially responsible activities. We invest in the development of the local communities in which we operate.

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Sustainable production and products

With sustainable technologies and sustainable materials, we create solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. With the Optymus PSG cold start system with pressure sensor, we guarantee 30% less fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The Big R axial fan, which we developed at Hidria, has a proven 10% better efficiency than all competing products. Hidria's production processes are automated, robotized, and digitized, which further contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, energy consumption and amount of waste.

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Sustainable supply chain

With more than 2.000 suppliers, we act responsibly our role in supply chain, as with assessing selected suppliers on ESG matters, perform on-site audits, request CO2 emissions reductions and circular packaging, integrate sustainability rating into overall suppliers rating model, and co-develop innovative solutions with suppliers within Hidria Leonardo project.

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