Trainings for employees and partners

To maintain global competitiveness and business success, all employees’ knowledge should be upgraded continuously. We therefore organise training programmes in all key areas.

Hidria’s employees are trained at internal forums, large international fairs and expert consultations and congresses that offer the best opportunity to keep abreast with trends in individual market segments. We also put great emphasis on the in-house transfer of knowledge. In the context of the Leonardo project, together with our business partners we are searching for innovative solutions for a better future.

Education tailored to every individual

Customised training for individuals is the key to the employees’ personal growth and the Corporation’s dynamic working power.

Employees of Hidria’s companies deepen their knowledge in their work area with ongoing training.

We organise seminars on the topics of business communication and rhetoric and effective negotiations. Hidria’s employees regularly participate in language and computer training courses, attend seminars covering new issues in legislation in all relevant areas and other internal training courses adapted to our employees’ needs.

Hidria Izobrazevanje po meri posameznika


Technology is changing the world of learning, too. We thus also monitor the trends in this area.

Our e-Campus is well known among our employees. The development of e-learning for us means the future in employee education and training. It is a modern and efficient tool for preparing our employees for a diversity of modern challenges.

Cooperation with partners and the Leonardo project

We offer our business partners and other groups and individuals training in high-technology institutes, laboratory visits, presentations of product functionalities, and the modelling of desired solutions which clearly increases their trust in the quality of our new solutions. The Leonardo project strengthens the bonds with our suppliers and innovation.

We are a gathering place where renowned international experts and high-level guests from business and political spheres meet and deliver lectures. We closely cooperate with Slovenian and foreign universities, companies and research centres – for the fast and efficient transfer of knowledge into practice.

In the Leonardo project, we are strengthening our cooperation and values together with our suppliers and jointly looking for innovative breakthrough solutions for a better future. Our mentors transfer their knowledge to future generations of experts. 

In the preparation of study projects and research, we cooperate with under- and post-graduate students as well as school pupils who are thus able to acquire practical experience of occupations in the technical and natural sciences.

Hidria Leonardo